Going Beyond “Eco,” Gaining Life

What do you want from life? What kind of a person do you want to be? More likely than not, you want to make a living, do good by you and yours so you can look yourself in the mirror, not feel like a worthless piece of sh*t. You want to have a grip on things. At least, your life. In the midst of that struggle (and believe me, I know what struggle this alone can be), you have a difficult, changing economy on one side, changing societal norms redefining roles and freedoms and mere normality on another side. As … Continue reading Going Beyond “Eco,” Gaining Life

Local eco-living and ideas for long-term space exploration

Image: Artist’s rendering of a proposed Stanford Torus by Don Davis, released into public domain. Discussions over “generation ships” and ecological life-support systems have been on-going in talk about space colonization – and it’s a good reminder that everything is ultimately “local,” at least in the sense that it’s restricted to ‘our small corner of the universe’ and in fact this little planet of “ours”… Continue reading Local eco-living and ideas for long-term space exploration