Another Spring

Joy, Life, Purpose

“Has joy any survival value in the operations of evolution? I suspect that it does; I suspect that the morose and fearful are doomed to quick extinction. Where there is no joy there can be no courage; and without courage all other virtues are useless.” Edward Abbey

I’m troubled, I feel anxious, I sometimes wonder how (or how much longer) I’m supposed to take it, and I could go on and on.

But then, there’s this… Continue reading “Joy, Life, Purpose”

Fiction and the Future(s)

One of those special traits of our species – of us – is that we are a story-telling bunch.

We don’t just exist and communicate, we also tell stories of where it all came from and how it will end, what course our lives have taken and why, how people do and should act. We find such stories in diaries and biographies same as in fictional literature, in myths and fairy tales just like on TV.

And often enough, they shape us. Continue reading “Fiction and the Future(s)”

The Trap of The Obvious and Easy

The brain is a miraculous thing. A mass of neurons interacting in such a way as to not just regulate the rest of the body, but also make it react appropriately to stimuli, to exhibit a fascinating range of emotions and behaviors, to create social structures, and even to remember, think, and ponder.
A brain is also costly, though, and it needs especially much energy when actually being used. Much more efficient to run on auto-pilot, follow in tracks once established. Continue reading “The Trap of The Obvious and Easy”

Chinese Landscape Idea(l)

See(k)ing #ecohappy In The View From China

We all share in the basic necessity of keeping the world’s ecological functioning working so that we may live and have chances at better lives. China’s environmental history, spanning millennia and encompassing one of the oldest continuous civilizations and largest populations of the world shows that very well – and its present puts this need in/as a modern challenge into stark relief.

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The Fear and the Power

What a weekend, with news breaking of attacks on elementary school children in both the USA (another mass shooting) and in China (another knife slashing). Emotions run high, political positions that are already entrenched are being dug in even deeper, nerves are raw, no one feels safe. In the grief and fear, simple answers and simple solutions are sought, as they always have been. Innocent lives lost are mourned, as they rightfully should be. They are not mourned as much as interest groups left and right try to gain political capital from the loss, however; and the obvious and extraordinary … Continue reading The Fear and the Power