Children playing in snow

Returning Forward

Get into “environmental(ist)” vs. economic debates enough, there’s always the point where the “greens” want to stop and re-consider, the “techno-optimists” want to forge headlong into the future. It’s just “out with the old, in with the new” vs. “let’s just go back” – unless, perhaps, the economically-oriented also want to go back, but only to the 1950’s of their imagination… Continue reading “Returning Forward”

All the world's a stage

Running on a Platform of Reality

From political campaigns to corporate planning, from economic policies to individual dreams of a better life – it will all only work out, ultimately, if set upon a foundation of understanding.

Understanding just what people want to hear and promising exactly that can, for a little while, lead some to power and profit. Eventually, however, whatever is not rooted in a deeper understanding – of what we want and what we can have, given the workings of this world we inhabit – must crumble and fall. On the other hand, better understanding (and considerate action based on it) will have a good chance at growing and rising… Continue reading “Running on a Platform of Reality”

On a path

Simple Answers and Adequate Maps

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” – H. L. Mencken

What do you need to live well? More money.
What does the economy need to work for us all? Growth.
Why does education fail? Bad teachers.
Where is the grass greener? On the other side.
Why aren’t we addressing climate change? Political will. 

We seem to have a natural tendency to focus on single things and simple answers.
Continue reading “Simple Answers and Adequate Maps”

Lack and the Cultivation of Better

In agriculture, we hear of the fight against natural constraints, for the higher yields necessary to feed the world. In economics in general, talk is of the struggle to gain the highest profits with the scarce resources available. Even in our own lives and for our own happiness, lack is supposed to limit it all: not enough time, not enough money. And so, we want more. Preferably, now. With that, life becomes the rat race in which everything goes ever faster and brings ever more dissatisfaction (but also ever more distraction and comforts which to shop!, buy!, have!). “The economy,” … Continue reading Lack and the Cultivation of Better