Depressive Economics…


The one idea for the future that still keeps getting pushed is that economic growth is the only measure we need to look at.

Get the economy growing, there’s more money going around, everyone gets richer. Mechanize more, automate still more, make things more efficient, profits will grow and things will get cheaper. Win-win: the very-rich get richer, the majority can still go shopping and drown in stuff. Continue reading “Depressive Economics…”

The Power to ‘Control’ Your Life

Even as we have gained greater freedom, we are feeling increasingly powerless.

No longer does birth absolutely determine the course of one’s life; a farmer’s child isn’t necessarily going to be a farmer, a laborer’s a laborer, and only an academic’s an educated person with a white-collar job. A woman isn’t necessarily going to be pushed into the role of housemaker and mother.

Then again, Continue reading “The Power to ‘Control’ Your Life”