Making money from minute differences in stock price only a machine can recognize? "Success." - Making a living feeding, clothing, and housing fellow human beings without destroying our home? "Underdevelopment."

Re-Rooting Success and Greatness

It’s only natural that we’d want to “get made, get laid, or get paid” – acquire social status, sate sexual desires, have enough and make more.

How exactly those things play out, however, can take very different forms, depending on individual differences and social contexts – and moreover, these wants, natural though they may be, aren’t all that makes for human lives and motivations. Continue reading “Re-Rooting Success and Greatness”

The Power of What You Got

We’ve all been noticing that the consumer society is based on debt, it seems – and with fashion and electronic gadgets, it’s become ever more based on unhappiness with old things. We tend to get used to what we have very quickly, anyways, but “modern” things also tend to be made to become obsolete.

Meanwhile, we forget the power of the things we still have: our faculties, our tools, and their connections… Continue reading “The Power of What You Got”