Re-Learned Powerfulness

Psychology has long been focused on diagnosing disorders. It took the development of “positive psychology” to change t…

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Fitting Resolutions, Living Synergies

Life goes one of two ways: On, and circling the drain. Or on, and remaining active and truly alive. The first, worse, is easy and …

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Intentional Living: Crafting a Better Life

Between voluntary simplicity or even intentional poverty and nomadically independent “designed” or jet-setting luxury …

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Re-Rooting Success and Greatness

It’s only natural that we’d want to “get made, get laid, or get paid” – acquire social status, sate …

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Emergency, and Luxury

Subsistence agriculture, foraged foods, traditional diets. Mechanical looms, plant and animal fibers, the bespoke and handmade. Ba…

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Lessons from Emergency Entrepreneurship

Living Rich in ‘Poor’ Times As concluded in the first part, expectations are increasingly blinding us. We talk of mode…

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The Pleasant and the Better

We, like all animals, seek pleasure and avoid pain. It is a truism – and one we need to learn to handle better. After all, w…

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Getting Back To Work

These are times of crisis; that much is quite universally understood. It is much less clear, however, what sort of crisis this is….

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Baby Steps and the Radical Change to Better Lives

Look at the writings on our environmental predicament(s) – and the failings of the current economic system – and &#822…

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Start (with) a Few Seeds

Window farming isn’t going to save the world. In fact, if everybody decided to give it a try and used all the same plastic p…

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Simple Steps, But Lifestyle Changes

Changing one’s life, caring better for one’s health… it all seems so hard, in such need of radical cuts. Selling all your stuff, moving to an exotic country and living off online enterprise, that seems just about enough to change things around – but who could do that?

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The Power of What You Got

We’ve all been noticing that the consumer society is based on debt, it seems – and with fashion and electronic gadgets, it’s become ever more based on unhappiness with old things. We tend to get used to what we have very quickly, anyways, but “modern” things also tend to be made to become obsolete. Meanwhile, we forget […]

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