Work Less, Live More… and more

Another case being made for putting sustainability – if you don’t like the word, you can call it survival, or progress, or reality – at the center of what we do. And at the same time, not another one of your average calls for sacrifice for the future, or to just grow with a tinge of green: Juliet B. Schor’s Plenitude Economics.

For the tldr; [too long, didn’t read] version, the animation:

New Dream Mini-Views: Visualizing a Plenitude Economy from Center for a New American Dream on Vimeo.

If you want to delve deeper into it, there is Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth, the book (available e.g. on; the paperback apparently changed the title to “True Wealth: How and Why Millions of Americans Are Creating a Time-Rich, Ecologically Light,Small-Scale, High-Satisfaction Economy” [affiliate link]).

One of the interesting things to note about these semi-reporting pieces is that there are many such initiatives. Lots and lots of people are doing something, living a bit differently, and lots of pages have been written about it and them: The Cultural Creatives in 2001, Good News for a Change in 2003, partly Hope’s Edge of 2003, Blessed Unrest in 2007…

You can read such books for a long time, start to feel much less alone in wanting to live differently. There’s only a small problem: You still need to live differently yourself if you yourself want to live better – and you may also come away wondering why, if there is so many people doing something and shaking things up, so little seems to be changing…

That’s the thing, though: For the world to change, it will take more than individual change. It is far better to start individually, locally, in community, and show that better ways are possible, and get them translated into entrepreneurship, institutions oriented on human-ecological flourishing rather than mere “growth” – and all the while, profit from not just “reducing, recycling, reusing” where it’s convenient, but truly shifting to better lives.

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