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From the Facebook page of the Ecological Footprint Network

Current lifestyles and their ecological footprints – they show that we now get by only because there is ecological capital we can draw down.

From the Facebook page of the Global Footprint Network

There is also a great discussion and illustration of this issue at persquaremile

Reality: we will need to live with less impact, less consumption.

The wrong conclusion commonly drawn: we will have to give up growth, which will make us all suffer. Better, therefore, to just go on and trust in our inventiveness and adaptability.

The #ecohappy reality:
What we have been calling growth is actually destructive of the ecological foundations of life, and thus of the foundations of human well-being.
Furthermore, it directly impacts our lives to make them seemingly more comfortable and convenient, but also less healthy than they could be, more stressed, more subservient to profit that is only financial and forgets about all the things that make us happy and our lives rich.
Thus, since less impact can mean real growth, in the productivity of the ecosystems we live in, as the part of the world we need to be – and in the sense and sensuality, the skill and meaning, the connections and conversations,… we find in life, the necessary reduction in consumption is a chance for a change to better.
Better ways of living, better ways of making a living, and better, happier, richer lives.


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