This Is Not The Crisis You’re Waiting For

We keep being told that crisis, if not collapse, is coming.

I look at my life, at what I know of the world, and I must tell you, that crisis is already here.

It has been here, slow-moving but strong, for at least the 30 years that I have been hearing that it would be coming real soon and be catastrophic.

It has been catastrophic in the usual way of nature: evolutionary, mainly slow, with a chance of drastic changes yet to come, but many more wide-ranging changes already here.

And it’s not just “the environment”, not just something for the liberal bleeding hearts and panda-huggers.

The crisis is also here when it comes to civilization.

Human life spans have improved, living conditions are better for many more people – but rates of depression and suicide aren’t exactly painting a picture of happiness that abounds.

Hope still springs eternal, nowhere more so than in calls for self-improvement and the entrepreneurial opportunities in just taking chances head-on. But really, if you aren’t already born rich, chances are you won’t make it into any better position.

I’m decidedly not here to just tell you how everything’s sh*t, though.

I’d wanted to keep myself, as myself, out of the things I write here and let facts and arguments speak for themselves (even if they had the twist I gave to them, of course).

Too much of environmentalism has been built on charisma, anyways.

But, I hit a snag with that, because it took me and my personal struggles with making a living and living better out of the equation when it could be the personal connection and example – in all the struggle and idiosyncrasies that entails – that would help us establish a connection and work together.

So, here I am.

This is what I’m searching for: ways to rebuild.

We are in crisis.

So, we can either kvetch and moan and wait for heavens to fall and finish it all.

Or, we go and rebuild, re-wild, create new diversity and uphold tradition that serves us well.

Let’s go.


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