Going Beyond “Eco,” Gaining Life

What do you want from life? What kind of a person do you want to be?

More likely than not, you want to make a living, do good by you and yours so you can look yourself in the mirror, not feel like a worthless piece of sh*t.

You want to have a grip on things. At least, your life.

In the midst of that struggle (and believe me, I know what struggle this alone can be), you have a difficult, changing economy on one side, changing societal norms redefining roles and freedoms and mere normality on another side.

As if that weren’t enough, this is all happening on a background of the whole world seemingly spiraling into environmental collapse.

Or maybe not quite any of that.

I’d been trying to focus on ways of living, and of making a living, that connect things.

Where personal happiness and concern for friends and family and others fit together well with the struggle for power and freedom and possibility and against the destruction of nature and, perhaps, ultimately, the very conditions our lives depend on…

As happens so often, I ended up talking way too much about the “big” concerns that need understanding.

In trying to avoid the trap of talking about “50 little things *you* can do to save the planet,” which would never be enough, but still a hassle, I didn’t even talk about the bigger connections that could help a lot.

Or I talked only about the very big connections, tried to get everyone to understand, finally, immediately. And nothing much was in there that would actually help one live better.

There will be some things here that you won’t want to hear.

Things that question your comfortable lifestyle. But then, what’s so comfortable about living in a comparative luxury that is bought by debt and delivers depression when you could also work on your financial independence and positive influence?

Things that challenge you, also, to give up the “eco” posturing and actually do something.

What good is all the Facebook rainbow warrior-ing that is not much more than empty posturing, though, when you could really change things?

Things, certainly, that will annoy you if you think that all that environmental policing is just a pretense for authoritarian meddling in private affairs.

For you, though, there’ll be that focus on what power and freedom can truly look like.

We will get together here, though, and avoid such accusation-style rapping on life decisions.

Let’s focus on the potential and on ways of putting it into practice instead.


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