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Morning Sunrise

Earth-Funded* Study: Creation of Civilization is Imminent

Still thinking about and engaged in discussions about that… New studies are playing with new computer models, and once again the media are jumping on the great headlines that it makes when computers calculate collapse. The rise of social media sharing and its need for attention-grabbing headlines has only made the problem worse: Sense doesn’t […]


Welcome to the ecology of happiness

The Ecology of Happiness looks behind the surface of “green,” at the ways in which a human life actually gets richer and happier when it is lived as the part of this world it really is, in order to bring the entrepreneurial, experimental, can-do attitude of those who want to “lifestyle design” into the world of sustainability, and open up the world of opportunity that lies beyond “eco”

Ground Last Covered

Storm Clouds
The Terror of an Unchanging Climate Conversation
March 21, 2014
By Gerald
Another Spring
Joy, Life, Purpose
March 12, 2014
By Gerald
Deutsche Bauernhöfe 1937
The Survival of the Fitting
March 2, 2014
By Gerald
Pollinator Drones, Dysevolution, and Paths of Positive Doing
February 9, 2014
By Gerald
Lago agrio, Ecuador
We’ll (Only) Protect What We Love…?
January 17, 2014
By Gerald
There is always the 'work' of life as part of a flourishing planet
It Takes a Village… Lessons of the Past to Move the Sharing Economy Forward
January 12, 2014
By Gerald
Facing Reality, Coming Home
January 3, 2014
By Gerald
Fitting Resolutions, Living Synergies
December 31, 2013
By Gerald
Children playing in snow
Returning Forward
December 20, 2013
By Gerald
Fiction and the Future(s)
December 13, 2013
By Gerald

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